Who we are


The accredited private Hospital Villa Laura born in 1958 thank to a medical group who shared a decennial activity experiences, primarily the surgical one.

Day by day this original vocation has focused more and more on orto.. and ophthalmology activities, for those the complex boasts about recognised excellence levels: multi-specialized services and general medicine and long- term hospitalization recovery are in addiction to them.

The services quality, the high-advanced technology, a raised hotel-comfort turn Villa Laura in a reference point in the boloniese hospital system.


In the Home Page you have seen the reported sentence with emphasis : “Well-being, first”.
Is the engagement that Villa Laura tries to complain, orienting all their own activities in order to respect some principles: the person’s centrality, the professional-clinical excellence and appropriated services.

To obtain this result Villa Laura promotes an educational and professional context able to motivate and to enhance its main important source: all the professionists operating in it.

Villa Laura guarantees, for all the citizens using their services and professionists, a careful and costant attention to the safety topics.