Villa Laura particularly developed surgery activities; the orthopedic one has become its excellent activity. Today the hospital represent the [datum] – point for [knee] surgery – endoscopy and the hip’s prosthetic.

Two wards with 80 bed-places are dedicated for surgery and orthopedic as well.

For what concerns knee’s surgery Villa Laura avails itself since many time of the collaboration by MD. Alessandro Lelli, who exclusively operates in Italy, by using surgery moderns techniques he develops himself during several stages in foreign countries.

Besides the surgery activities, MD. Lelli makes didactics in which partecipated ortophedic surgeons from all over the World.

For what concerns hip prosthetic intreventions the complex can count on the contributions of several* specialists (MD Gualtiero Gualtieri, MD. Giorgio Fontanesi, MD. Carlo Cervellati, MD. Maurizio Bellettato). In particular, the activities made by MD. Antonio Moroni, a renowned professionist in the hip arthroplast resurfacing technique he uses, are very recoomended.

In Villa Laura takes place a good and qualified hand surgery activity (MD. Marco Esposito, MD. Ruggero Testoni), and a shoulder one (MD. Giuseppe Pacelli, MD. Francesco Noia, MD. Francesco Pegreffi).

MD. Federico Trentani starts an important collaboration with us also, primarily on lower limb surgery.

In addiction to the orthopedic center, another excellent surgical activity in Villa Laura is the opthalmologic one, made by four teams headed by MD. Marco De Luigi, MD. Antonello Pizzino, MD. Marzia Capuccini and MD. Giorgio Tassinari.

Several teams make activities of aesthetic and plastic surgery.

Gynaecologic activitity is made in particular by MD. Giampietro Carubbi, pioneer in laparoscopy and stage tutor all over the World.

Furthermore, in Villa laura general surgery, vascular surgery and otolaryngologoist interventions are made.